It’s a common mistake.

We are all guilty of the same crime.

That is; we get overwhelmed by what we receive from outside. Non-stop flow of ideas, and things, tweets and articles, and Facebooks posts and Instagram, that one YouTube channel that you love so much, that designer you saw on Behance…I’m not even half the way through.

It’s amazing. I’m truly grateful that this Internet thing has let us connect with so many brilliant people around the globe, their beautiful creations, and aspirations.

However, there’s a critical point. And that is getting overwhelmed by this stream of input.

As creatives, our job and our role in nature are to create things. But when we’re captured away by the flux of shiny things on the outside, it’s impossible to follow our own creative instinct.

Many of the thought leaders of our time have talked about this too; Seth Godin, Chase Jarvis, Gary Vaynerchuck, it’s a very long list of names. I’m here just to remind you.

Create before consume.