Recently, I started to work on a news website built on WordPress framework.

A news website has a different character. The flow and the amount of content are much higher than usual, thus it’s rather demanding both technically and mentally.

No worries, WordPress is the perfect tool for such cases, and there are many tools and methods we can apply.

In this post, I’ll share my top four tips on developing a WordPress news website.

Use Categories and Tags

Organizing content is essential for a news website. There will be dozens of articles, videos, and photos coming in every day. We need to make sure we have a well-defined structure of categories, sub-categories, and tags. Using categories and tags properly can help organize our content in ways that make it easier for readers to find topics they’re interested in.

For example, if we have a category such as Coffee, possible sub-categories can be coffee beans, siphon coffee, coffee latte, and drip coffee. Similarly, another category such as Tea might have sub-categories of tea leaves, fruit tea, oolong tea, and etc.

Tags are suitable for individual but frequently used items. Brands and names are good uses for tags. For instance, in our case of coffee, Starbucks, or illy would be quite suitable for tags.

Editorial Calendar

Keeping a calendar for articles is a good practice not only for news websites but also for all blogs in general. Recently, I started to use Edit Flow, and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. Before, I used to plan my weekly posts on paper (which I still do, then later copy into Edit Flow). Edit Flow gives a visual display and drag-and-drop management of our articles.

We can create statuses for posts, such as “Ready to Publish” and “Draft.” Edit Flow also allows editors and writers to communicate with one another inside the WordPress admin area using editorial comments.

Email Newsletters

It’s been a long time that I’ve been using MailChimp for my email newsletters. Honestly, I haven’t tried other great alternatives like Aweber etc. No matter which one you choose, I strongly suggest you to use such tools to grow and communicate with your community. Building a community is critical for a news website either.

Bring in Content through RSS

Using RSS collectors we can bring content from other web sources and turn them into content on our website. This is especially useful for breaking news type of content. Another good use is to create a hub of particular content.

WP RSS Aggregator and Feed to Post extension are two good options we can apply on our news website.


To have a great news website starts with hard work. As I’ve said before, it’s quite demanding. However, WordPress is a great help in managing such a demanding work. And hopefully with the help of the tools I’ve mentioned here, having a great news website will be a chill.