I’ve been a web developer way before being a web developer was fancy – I’m not really sure it’s fancy now either.

Then I had a phase (a rather long time of 10 years) where I was busy building other things, work, and companies etc. And just like everything in life, web development has moved on. Now I feel like I’m left alone.

Anyway, as of this year, I’m back, and I’m trying to fix my relationship with being a web developer again. This time as an agency owner. Or should I rather say: with the goal of becoming an agency owner. I was happy at first, still very pumped right now. Yet there’s this hunch inside of me saying: dude you got old, and your knowledge is not fresh.

Go check this out first: Web Fundamentals from Google

Today, as of December 2016, the web is all about mobile, right. Obviously. We all know it, and it should be this way either; I’m not against it anyway.

The problem for people like me (meaning guys and gals older than 30) is that mobile web development is a different animal. For that, I feel insecure, I feel my skill set is not strong enough.

Google is seriously, and I mean it, seriously moving towards mobile. And even the fundamentals of web right now, frankly, is full of concepts that I’m not really familiar with.

Take Service Worker, for example. I just checked some of my recent web projects with Lighthouse, an assessment tool from Google in which you can gain huge insight into mobile performance of your web app or web page, and I got crashed. Totalled. Basically, my coding is not Google-proof. Not suitable to 2016 or 2017. I skim through Google’s Web Fundamentals guideline and every now and then there are concepts that I’m not 100% clear.

Not cool. Especially if you’re in a position like mine, trying to brush up your skills.


Note to self:
Web development has moved on. And I need to catch up ASAP.

How about you?