Honestly, I’m not familiar with Sketch.

I see that a lot of designers love using it, I see tons of good recommendations here and there. But I haven’t had the chance to explore what Sketch provides.

More than that, I’ve always been curious about what kind of workflows do other designers have. In years, I’ve developed my own workflow, habits, and principles, but I always believe there’s a margin to improve.

So, if you’re like me, thinking about getting to know more about Sketch, and improve your design workflow, here’s good news:

Good people at InVision created a (free) e-course entitled “Design Workflow with Sketch”. After you sign up, you’ll receive 1 email chapter per week on how to improve your design workflow. The course is quite comprehensive including chapters about wireframing, type systems, symbols, prototyping, and more.

Go sign up with the e-course here.