Recently, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram shared an IGTV video where he talks about what to expect from Instagram in following months.

Obviously, Instagram is fighting a difficult battle against video sharing apps like Tiktok and YouTube. It is not surprising to see a significant changes in the app, and as Mosseri these changes are huge.

There are four topics Mosseri mentions in his video: 1- new ways for creators to make money through IG, 2- Video content 3- Shopping and 4-Messaging.

Among these four topics, he mostly focuses on video content. IG has been testing Reels (unfortunately we couldn’t try it yet in Taiwan) which is an answer to Tiktok (by the way, let’s not forget YouTube is testing Shorts, which we also not have in Taiwan). In the future, IG will focus on video content even more significanlty, to the extent that the app itself becomes a video sharing platform, instead of a photo sharing platform.

That’s a big move.

And it didn’t make everyone happy. Instagram has a big community who stood with the app from the beginning, as a photo sharing platform. They have built an audience through photography, and now they feel betrayed.

Mobile-friendly videos are going to be Instagram’s primary content. They are also testing new recommendation algorithms based on topics.

What this means for us is, we need to create more videos. Instead of images, sharing more video content will be beneficial for receiving a larger audience on Instagram.

Video content is not easy, and we all need to make the move. Even for me, creating an image for this post would be so much easier, but I rather chose to shoot a video.

Yet I do not see it as a bad thing, on the contrary, I feel like this could be an opportunity for creators who are comfortable with shooting videos.

What worries me is that if loyal users of Instagram decide to leave, then what do we do?

Well, there’s still Tiktok. You can follow me there @serhandre